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Money Market Share

Features of our Money Market Share accounts are:

  • It is a high interest daily savings account. Interest is paid from the day of deposit to the day of withdrawal.
  • The Money Market Share account interest rate changes every 30 days.
  • There are no monthly fees.
  • The minimum initial deposit and minimum account balance is $2000.00.
  • The minimum deposit to the account is $100.00.
  • The minimum withdrawal is $500.00. There is a maximum of three (3) withdrawals per month.
  • Dividend rates are determined by SFCU’s Investment/Asset Liability Management Committee and Board of Directors.
  • If the account drops below the $2000.00 minimum balance, the account will be closed and transferred to your regular share account. Dividends will not be paid on the Money Market Share account for any month in which the balance falls below the $2000.00 minimum.