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AnswerPlus allows you access to your accounts by telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Call AnswerPlus at: 877-955-4776 then navigate using the dialing options shown below.

Dialing Options

Main Menu

  • Dial 1: Access your account
  • Dial 2: Office hours
  • Dial 3: Current rate information
  • Dial 5: Leave a message
  • Dial 0: Transfer to Credit Union

Account Access Menu

  • Dial 1: Inquire on an account
  • Dial 2: Perform a transaction
  • Dial 3: Change PIN
  • Dial 0: Transfer to Credit Union
  • Dial *: Return to main menu

Entering Currency

Currency is entered by using the star (*) key as the decimal. For instance, if you wish to enter $275.30, you would enter 275*30 on your touch tone phone.

Confirming Transactions

In general, the # key is used to confirm a transaction, and the * key to cancel.