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Loan Rates

Rates are subject to change and are dependent upon credit approval.

Rates effective: 08/16/2022

New & Used Auto

Term Rate Other
0 to 72 Months As low as 2.49%  
73 to 84 Months As low as 4.49% Valid for current model year and previous 2 model years only. Min. $25K

New & Used Motorcycles

Term Rate Other
0 to 72 Months As low as 2.49% Street Legal Motorcycles only.

First Time Auto Buyer

Term APR Other
0 to 48 Months 8.99% Max. $20k
49 to 60 Months 9.49% Max. $20k
61 to 72 Months 9.99% Max. $20k


Term APR Other
0 to 120 Months 4.49% Max. $75k


Term APR Other
0 to 60 Months 4.49% Min. $500 to max. $75k
61 to 120 Months 4.49% Min. $15k to max. $75k
121 to 180 Months 5.99% Min. $25k to max. $75k

Miscellaneous Secured Loans

Description APR
ATV, Snowmobiles, Dirt Bikes, Jet Skis, etc As low as 4.99% up to 60 months

Home Loans

Description APR
Home Equity Line of Credit As low as WSJ Prime Rate + 0
Home Improvement As low as 5.99%

Personal Loans

Description APR
Up to 5 Years As low as 12.50%
Co-Maker Loan (up to 5 years) As low as 10.00%
Short Term Personal Loan (12 months or less) $5,000 Maximum As low as 8.5%
60th Anniversary Celebration Loan

Personal loan. Funds can not be used to pay off existing SFCU Debt.
Max Loan: $6,000.00

Term 0-36 Months - 6.0%

Credit Cards

Description APR
Visa Platinum Preferred with Score Card Points 11.90%

Line of Credit

Description APR
Credit Limits up to $5,000 15.00%